Public Enemy on an unknown date. Chuck D (far left), Flavor Flav (middle), and Professor Griff (right).

Photo Source: CNN (Getty’s Images)

An iconic black figure with a clandestine background.

Painting of Wallace Muhammad (Source Image)

President Donald Trump (left), former Vice President Joe Biden (right) Getty’s Image.

Did Black Americans forget we have power?

(Getty’s Image)

Photographed by George Henry Farnum no 2899, one out of four photographs of the murder.

Donald Trump (middle), Sean “Diddy” Combs left, wife Melania Trump right (Getty’s Image)


Lovecraft Country is a horror tale of racial injustice of Jim Crow America (Courtesy of HBO)

J. Lovemore

A regular black dude with a lot to say. My words can be seen on The Atlanta Voice and Blavity. Writing a debut novel. IG: @vision_if_success/Twitter: @wealth_96

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