Is this a political strategy that can keep him in the office?

President Donald Trump (Getty’s Images)

Yesterday, Black Twitter was celebrating the latest surprise that October has to offer. President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he and his wife, Melanie Trump, tested positive for Covid-19. Media sources confirmed that Trump and his wife were both exposed to the virus from Hope Hicks, the White House Communications Director who also tested positive. After sharing his news with the public, the reaction to the American public was joyous. Internet users; those who are opposed to the active commander in chief, are astounded by the news. A large majority of social media users are hoping the Simpsons’ creators accurately predict the moment where Trump would succumb to the illness.

Upon his arrival at the White House, Trump’s legacy was tainted with countless acts of lies and remarks that provokes racial division in this country. His choices parallel to the decisions of a ruthless dictator with a thirst for power. During his first month in the presidential office, Trump his proposal for a “travel ban imposing a three-month expulsion of Muslim foreigners while holding business opportunities in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Trump proposed a class action lawsuit against government officials if they released immigrant children from custody. Ordering an airstrike resulting in the assassination of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani, despite not receiving permission from congress. His intentional mishandling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which resulted in the death of nearly 200,000 Americans. It is ludicrous not to mention his support for right-wing groups that advocates white supremacy.

In the first presidential debate, Trump was allowed to prove to the country that he was not associated with racism. While being pressured by moderator Chris Wallace, and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden on denouncing white supremacists, notably the Proud Boys; a neo-fascist organization; Trump declared to the American public that the latter group should “stand by and stand down.” Viewers were naively enraged by Trump’s statement as it epitomizes a call to war if the moment is necessary.

Throughout his presidency, his commitment to “Making America Great Again” is only necessary if the role includes restoring power in the Aryan race. The slogan cleverly fits the tone to Thomas Jefferson’s “All men are created equal” except for a person of color. The latest news of his sickness has brought nirvana into the year that is filled with habitual tragedies, however the mystery behind the tweet plays an uncomfortable role in the currency of the electoral process. It is unknown whether his untimely sickness might be a plan to abolish the opportunity for US Citizens to continue the election.

Although this statement is not necessarily proven, despite the Republican party denouncing the consequential impact of the virus, and Trump’s hostile remarks that target China for the alarming outbreak to reach overseas, however, it is safe to dive deeper into Trump’s methodical yet sinister approach in keeping his position in power. In September, President Trump refused to accept the legal idea of mail-in voting; due to the global health crisis. According to reports, Trump claims that mail-in voting is a way for the Democratic party to win the elections. During a previous press briefing, Trump stressed the significance of removing the ballots whom he stated was “out of control.” He claims that his main focus is making sure that the election process is down in a peaceful fashion.

The severity of his comments illustrates his paranoia regarding the proper voting system. Even before his presidency, the term “peace” was never apart of his systematic approach in business and politics. Using his positive test results is a clever way to yield further action in the election process since his health will prevent him from taking part in any form of physical activity. Americans who despise Trump as a leader are ecstatic that he is inflicted with an illness that he purposely made light of.

Davey Alba, a technology columnist for the New York Times, published an article titled “Liberals Ask: Why Should We Believe Trump?” where she posted numerous social media users’ doubts regarding Trump’s test results. Alba displayed selected tweets from internet consumers abut their disbelief of Trump’s illness. One user calls out the president for “pretending to have covid so he doesn’t have to do the next debate” while another user believes that it is an “engineered delay tactic in light of the #election next month?”

However, US citizens are unaware of his benevolent tactics in wearing the crown. It is impossible to believe that sources would claim that his symptoms are mild, despite the frightening impact that the virus leaves on the body. Trump has proven that he is a cold-hearted liar. He would make a fabricated claim that would keep him at the top. Unfortunately, Black Twitter lacks the knowledge to understand that the strategies of how a dictator seeks power, and Covid-19 might be his best weapon to win at any cost.

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